Workshop: FAiry TAle ScIence Augmented III

Country of Venue: Italy
Start Date 03-09-2021
End Date 03-09-2021

Event Description
The Workshop aims at presenting to the target audience and the wider public the intellectual outputs of FANTASIA project.

More specifically the objective of the workshop are to:
-present to target audience the intellectual outputs of the project,
– allow interaction between the participants and the FANTASIA educational kit,
– get feedback by the participants on the FANSTASIA educational kit.

The Consortium will present to the target audience the most innovative educative product based on Augmented Reality technology and traditional storytelling the FANTASIA educational kit. The
researchers/teachers of the Consortium will demonstrate how the kit can be used at school or at home by the teacher or the parent/guardian. Participants will have the opportunity to implement activities of the proposed educational scenarios and will provide feedback to the research group on their experience.

Target group: Educators, parents/guardians

Intellectual Outputs Covered

  • FANTASIA Augmented Reality (AR) toolkit
  • FANTASIA Digital Repository
  • FANTASIA Educational Kit
  • FANTASIA Impact Assessment


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