The Impact Assessment guides the FANTASIA project to investigate the effectiveness of Augmented Reality (AR) FANTASIA application in strengthening children’ skills & competences and engagement in AR science education activities.

The FANTASIA impact assessment will be developed according to an agile developmental
approach. The adoption of an agile approach will be organised as follows:
– frequent releases of the software;
– involvement of the final users, since the early stages of development, in the design of the software functionalities and in the testing of the usability;
– continuous support to fix issues and bugs.
The design of the software features will involve all partners.
The algorithms to analyse the data gathered through the FANTASIA fairy tale science will be programmed using R language, a free, open and reusable programming language for statistical computing and graphics.

FANTASIA will integrate elements of Augmented Reality, Learning Analytics, and gamification with aspects of Learning Semantics. The project will help introduce innovation from these individual fields in synergy to the area of primary school learning. FANTASIA will utilise the methods (xAPI) and develop profiles for logging learner activity / learning analytics. CNR ITD will be responsible for the development of the client and server side of the software in collaboration with UCD. CNR ITD will implement the statistical algorithms to analyse data and they
will supervise the methodological correctness of the software functionalities related to the data collection. According to the Italian personal data protection code (Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003) and standard practices of GDPR, the sensitive data gathered through the application will be encrypted to protect users from the unwanted disclose of personal data or unauthorised accesses.


Are you a FAnTASIA participant at home or at school?

Below, you can find the link to access our survey platform. It includes the questionnaires you are asked to fill in separated by category of participants (i.e. students, parents/guardians/teachers). Your feedback will help us evaluate the impact of the FANTASIA fairy tale on students’ acquisition of scientific knowledge and skills, engagement with the educational activities, and development of a positive attitude towards science disciplines.
Please take a moment to give us your feedback by completing this survey. Thank you in advance for your time and contribution in our research!

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